It’s midnight, December 31st 2019 and whatever rituals it is you have to welcome the new year, you probably let out a loud “Happy New Year”. Little did we know our lives were about to drastically change. 2020 came along with all its madness and almost everything changed. Almost everything? You may be asking yourself. The truth is our ordinary everyday needs remained, albeit new ones were created. We still ate, worked, shopped, met, exercised, learned, entertained, interacted, etc. But we had to learn to do it differently. Hence, we found new ways of living, novel and creative ways.

Facing a new reality

As for businesses, they took a major hit. The pandemic brought countless challenges and great uncertainty. Unfortunately, a big number of small business vanished when they could not hold for any longer. So, looking back what made the difference between resilience and bankruptcy? Two words: adaptation and transformation. Proactive business owners who acted promptly, sat down and looked at the big picture. They thought out of the box and stepped out of their comfort zones. What did they do?

In a new reality of lockdowns, quarantines and curfews, they had to ramp up the creativity. Albert Einstein once stated “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”. It was the time for business to make high-stake decisions so that the crisis with no way out within sight could turn into an opportunity. This article will be discussing three businesses whose models were strengthened throughout the pandemic and are likely to remain in demand in a post-pandemic world.

Remote learning and work software:

Working and studying from home have become incredibly commonplace. People who were initially reluctant towards it have made peace with remoteness and it is now part of their everyday lives. This represents a huge opportunity to exploit for software developers who wish to enhance the existent online environments. One thing is for sure when it comes to technology: there is always room for improvement.


Businesses had no other option, they had to go digital. Although a traumatic and abrupt change at an early stage, soon enough business owners started to see the multiple benefits of carrying out electronic commercial activities. Thanks to those efforts, it was possible for everyone to obtain goods and even services during the heaviest of lockdowns. Now that businesses have clearly optimized their models and this whole experience has educated consumers on online shopping, e-commerce will only become stronger.


Whether it was online learning, working, shopping or banking, chances are everyone started doing at least one of these things as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Once people realized about all the things they could do without moving from their couches, it is not far-fetched to think that the trend will continue. With everyone constantly sharing huge amounts of sensitive data over the internet, cybersecurity companies have become indisputably important and more visible than ever before.